Denis Lucchi
Resident Chef

Driven by a dynamic curiosity and zeal for perfection, Lombardy-born Chef Denis Lucchi brings a unique brio and personal vision to Buona Terra. His young encounters with the restaurant, while waiting tables during summer vacation, ignited a passion for the kitchen -- its aromas, colours and buzz -- that has never dimmed.

The subsequent years of training with the cream of the culinary profession -- with Michelin-starred chefs in his hometown of Lake Garda, with premier restaurants in London and Rome, and with Gattopardo and Garibaldi in Singapore – further boosted his ambitions and shaped Chef Denis’ obsession with first-class ingredients, and his bold yet respectful recalibrations of tradition. “I always learn things right from the ground up,” he explains, “because if you master the fundamentals, you can become the best at what you do.”

Chef Denis conscientiously sources base foodstuffs from artisans all over Italy and teams it with tireless study and experimentation. This has given him insight into how ingredients can be best worked to achieve their full, sometimes unexpected, potential. “In Italy, we have some of the best produce in the world. I would like to surprise my guests with new flavour profiles, and provoke wonder through discovery.”

Chef Denis’ dream is to make each meal an unforgettable, unmistakably Italian, journey of the senses. “At Buona Terra, 100% of my personality is in the food.”