About Buona Terra

Buona Terra means ‘Good Earth’ in Italian. Buona Terra is an ode to the Italian love affair with food and dining … perhaps the only way to dine! With the whole of Italy as his inspiration and larder, Chef Denis Lucchi personally handpicks the finest produce of its soil. Then, brilliantly reinventing tradition, he transforms these luscious ingredients into contemporary works of art. Buona Terra is Italian food-craft at its most thoughtful and original and gastronomically refined. It is also a return to cherished basics: the conscious, unhurried enjoyment of flavours; the hospitality that makes you feel right at home; and the enduring memories that come from a truly great meal and a special experience.


Buona Terra serves contemporary Italian cuisine shaped by the personal vision of Chef Denis Lucchi. It starts with a ‘gourmet larder’ assembled from all the places in Italy where Chef Denis knows the best producers and their foodstuffs are located. These prized artisanal ingredients and the Italian recipes Chef Denis grew up with are the jump-off points for culinary artistry and adventure. Because of these, Chef Denis creates reinterpretations with more complex and intense flavours than the traditional dish, presenting them individually in contrast to the typically shared platters.
There is a sense of challenge and pushing the envelope; of new discovery. Yet in the soul, Buona Terra is nothing but Italian – proudly, quintessentially, sublimely.